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Asbestos Watch Adelaide is an endorsement company for competent contractors in the greater Adelaide region. Our approved members have worked with various individuals, industries, and government bodies and delivered the desired results. If you are looking for the right contractor who can deliver tota... Click to read more


by 2 Jurors

Hello everyone, my name is Alexey from USA. my husband left me and our child for another woman a year ago, ever since then my life has been filled with pains, sorrow and trauma because he was my first love and we have been together for years and i couldn't imagine my life without him. I saw some tes... Click to read more


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"New World Order" was a phrased used by Bush I after successfully intervening in the Iraq/Kuwait war, I believe. The only people afraid of it are paleoconservatives that want to go back to the gold standard.
Yes it's idealistic but shouldn't the world work together. On a semi-related note, I am in... Click to read more