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Adam Kennedy (programmer)

"Wooo // CPAN admin"



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Adam Kennedy is an Australian Perl programmer, and one of several CPAN administrators. Under his CPAN author id of ADAMK, he is the maintainer of over 200 module distributions on CPAN, which places him at the top of the CPAN contribution leaderboard. Kennedy is the first maintainer of more than 200 CPAN modules, many of which he has adopted from other authors and included in his Open Repository, which is available for use by any registered CPAN author. He is a frequent presenter at open source conferences such as OSDC, OSCON, and YAPC as well as the Perl QA hackathons.
Kennedy has developed some significant modules for the Perl programming language, particularly in the area of tools to improve the development and build toolchain such as PPI (a Perl parser), CPAN::Metrics (generate metrics on the 16 m+ lines of code in CPAN), Portable Perl (aka "Perl on a Stick") and Padre (a Perl IDE). He has also been a strong advocate of platform equality for Perl on Windows, and started both the Win32 Perl Wiki and the Strawberry Perl distribution for Windows.

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Adam Kennedy (programmer)

Wooo // CPAN admin
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