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"Why use this if cloud native services are availabl..."



by 3 Jurors

ClearDB is a fault tolerant database-as-a-service for MySQL powered applications. It is designed around the premise of failure to ensure that your database is available and secure.

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img Anonymous posted a review

Seriously this is nothing more than mysql running on a VM. Native services such as RDS provide same experience but are run and managed properly. Tuned to the cloud and backed by a major provider all for essentially the same cost. Why bother with an also ran

on April 28, 2018

img Anonymous posted a review

The service does work and it is very easy.

Performance is ok, but not great.

We needed more connections (40 connections for 100/mo is just ridiculous)

Sent a request for information, called phone, no answer.

We are trying to get away from cleardb and in the end from mysql on azure altogether

on September 18, 2015

Anonymous So few connections allowed, it sounds like a cruel joke. What are they thinking?!

Tech Mod why not use open source ?


img Choke City posted a review

ClearDB sucks. Their pricing is unreal. I mean, they offer 20MB in their free tier. Fucking 20MB!!!! Is it 20 years ago?? And 10$ per month if you want more than 20MB, seriously!!? Their service is horrible and it's totally what they claim. They promise fault-tolerance DB but the reality can't be further from the truth! They even limit the number of connections you can have per plan, so if your connections exceed what your plan provides, then your website will be down!

on August 20, 2015

Tech Mod that's shameful free 20Mb storage

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Why use this if cloud native services are available
Book rating: 26.9 out of 100 with 3 ratings