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Hong Kong Federation of Business Students

"All show. No essence."



by 1 Jurors

HKFBS was founded in January 1985. We represent all local business undergraduates, and serve them by fostering their friendship, co-ordination and mutual understanding. We endeavour to assist them in becoming prominent figures in business with sound academic knowledge, excellent managerial skills, as well as helping them gain an understanding of real business environment.

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img Anonymous posted a review

It is the most inefficient organization I have ever came across. Everyone in it lacks passion and it's all for show only, it's all for the CV and for being popular and recognized. They try to be legitimate by going to other groups' inaugurations or taking pictures of the committee at every single HK university possible, but nothing meaningful is coming out of this.

I'm not sure if it's the Hong Kong University culture in general or just this organization, but they have something called the 'grill'. The new elected committee is basically tortured by the old committee and alumni and yelled at for 2 hours just to make sure they are the right candidates to be leading their 'baby' or what I call it 'Hong Kong Federation of Bullshit'. And how does this committee prep for these precious 2 hours? The rehearse every weekend from 10am to midnight for the past 3 months - just for the 2 hours of 'grill' to make them official.

Opportunity cost. They can dedicate this time to come up with new ideas or useful ideas that will stick to their mission - to lead and to inspire business students and to help them. Not just prep for "being the official members of the board". The old committee also made the new committee write proposals and they had to pull an all nighter just because of that. They are all freshmans for gods sake, what kind of organization will make these kids stay over night to finish a proposal (not even legitimate, just for 'grilling them')? The old commitee is also taking advantage at this proposed committee by making them do all the set up for 'events', taking all the flyers home and packing up and putting everything back after the 'event'. No wonder the proposed president was to stressed out and ended up in the hospital and quit. Now a new one is elected and what he claims is that it is important because he can host a 4000+ people event and that's a very big deal. The even funnier thing is that they can only head this organization for a year, after that, you are nothing. Well you will be in the 'honorary alumni' sector but that literally translates to nothing. 

I honestly don't see the point in this organization because it's inefficient, it doesn't do what it's suppose to be doing and it is definately NOT a good representation of Hong Kong Business Students. An organization should be to get business students involved, give them more hands on experience and not spend i dont know HOW many hours to make the group more official. As an upcoming business student in Hong Kong, I would not want to fall under this group or be involved in this group because I won't get the best out of it. And more the new elected committee, congratulations. You guys are now going to every university and taking pictures of yourselves. You guys are running all over Hong Kong to find sponsors for YOUR inauguration. Why not find sponsors to help actual business students that have passion? Why not use that money to do something meaningful? Why spend your money on a magazine celebrating YOUR own worth? 

It's all show and there's nothing within it. It's all about their CV and all about the 'I want to be recognized and famous' act. To all your weekly meetings at CityU (more of just sitting there and doing nothing from 6am to midnight) and to all your outrageous 'camps' for more bonding time (just for the committee though, business students are not invited), I genuinely salute you for all this complete bullshit you have managed to come up with. 

As the future business student in Hong Kong, please do something more meaningful. Please stop the useless stuff you're doing for your own inauguration, for your own magazine. and PLEASE stop promoting your face. Honestly, no one wants to see it and no one wants to know how legit your committee is. All we want is a platform for business students to intereact and to learn. Not some bullshit about who the next new president is. 

on March 6, 2016
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Hong Kong Federation of Business Students

All show. No essence.
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