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Jim Fuller (musician)

"James Fuller RIP"



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Jim Fuller - (born 1947, Monrovia, California), is the lead guitarist and co-song writer of the famous 1960s rock band, The Surfaris.
Fuller is known as the "Godfather" of surf music, a Californian folk rock music, that is also the early roots of heavy metal and Punk rock music. Fuller's lead guitar work has influenced, and is copied by many rock musicians. He also influenced the 1960s psychedelic garage rock band 'The Seeds.'
He is also a studio musician that has performed on many others recordings of rock, folk, and blues songs throughout his career, doing vocals, and lead and bass guitar.
Fuller, with his Fender Guitar in photographs and its sound on The Surfaris albums, gave Leo Fender a large increase in national and global sales.
His name is on the "Hollywoods Rock Walk of Fame".
He continues to perform with The Surfaris and other bands (2004), with a fan base in United States, Europe, and Japan.

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img Anonymous posted a review

Jim Fuller is one heck of a guitar picker.. ,, Great lead guitar work... Smooth like a hot knife cutting though coul butter  lots of feel with a splash of edge ...A true early rockin rocker RIP....

on May 31, 2017
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Jim Fuller (musician)

James Fuller RIP
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