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Nate Najar

"True to his craft!"



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Nathaniel Bernard Najar (born August 28, 1981), better known as Nate Najar and related act, Nate Najar Trio, is an American guitarist, music producer, and composer most recognized, receiving international acclaim, as a fingerstyle guitarist, playing the classical guitar within the jazz music genre.
As a teen Najar, originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, studied classical guitar under Frank Mullen, a well respected jazz musician and teacher considered a pioneer in the said genre. Through Mullen, Nate developed an instrumental style for which he'd receive most recognition, thus being selected to perform locally, nationally, and abroad among notable jazz musicians, including both veterans and contemporaries, such as Ken Peplowski, John Lamb, Bucky Pizzarelli, Eric Darius, Chuck Redd, Buster Cooper, Cindy Bradley, Jessy J, and Jonathan Fritzén among others.
Najar's musical style is influenced by the late Charlie Byrd, a highly regarded fingerstyle guitarist known for encompassing Bossa nova and Brazilian jazz music styles. Najar plays one of Byrd’s own instruments which is a 1974 Ramírez (brand) 1A classical guitar.
In addition to local and international festivals and concerts Najar has performed on television along with having performance and composition credits in the filmography sector as well.
Najar has been ranked multiple times among the jazz music charts which include a top ten spot in 2011 for the song "Groove Me," collaborating with the Tony Award winning vocalist Melba Moore.
As producer and composer, collaborating with other artists including the well respected names aforementioned, Najar has worked and recorded through out the U. S. and abroad at venues and studios, some of which are considered landmarks in the jazz industry, such as Nola studios in New York City, where he recorded multiple times, one example being an album by Lisa Casalino.
Becky Byrd, widow of renowned jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd, has publicly spoken of Najar, thus quoted in publications such as Jazz Times and also in the liner notes of Najar's 2012 album, comparing Najar to her late husband: "There is no doubt that there is a piece of Charlie's soul in Nate's mind, heart and fingers."
Najar's discography is extensive, listing the most recent album release as of 2014 titled Aquarela Do Brasil.

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img Anonymous posted a review

A career musician who is true to his craft, and has such beautiful tone.

on April 20, 2016
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Nate Najar

True to his craft!
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