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America's News Headquarters (TV show)

"Mr. Trump instead of President Trump"



by 2 Jurors

America's News Headquarters (seen on air as America's News HQ) is a daily news program broadcast on Fox News Channel; it also refers to the two-to-three minute headline updates during "non-news" programming. The show took the place of America's Election Headquarters. The term "News HQ" (and later "America's HQ") is seen on the bottom of the rotating Fox News Channel logo (on the left hand side) after the Election season.
America's News HQ follows the same format as its predecessor, Fox News Live. [1]

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img Anonymous posted a review

Why does the black female commentator always refer to President Trump as 'Trump' or 'Mr. Trump' or the President instead of the accepted respected title of President Trump? Her voice tone pattern is distracting and does not lend to relaying informative news in a manner that is to be trusted.

on November 27, 2017

img chris wells posted a review

What would it be like if there was a presidential parade or the pope and someone got the chance to do something like shooter did the other day.I really don't want to think about it anymore.

on October 3, 2017
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Americas News Headquarters (TV show)

Mr. Trump instead of President Trump
Book rating: 66.1 out of 100 with 2 ratings