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Shepard Smith Reporting (TV show)

"Shepard's updates on the caravan"



by 5 Jurors

Shepard Smith Reporting is an American news/talk television program on the Fox News Channel that debuted in October 2013, and is hosted by Shepard Smith.
Broadcast live at 3:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, the program continues coverage of stories followed during prior hours of Fox News programs. The show often takes a swifter pace compared to the network's other programming, making a larger focus of the program on breaking-news events with live correspondents. The coverage includes correspondents on location, in studio, in addition to analysis from pundits or experts. [1]

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img Anonymous posted a review

Shepard the American people don't need your opiniuns. What we need is for you to report the news (i.e. the caravan) as it happens. Then we can decide for ourselves what to believe. 

on October 24, 2018

img Anonymous posted a review

He needs to work for CNN!

on July 12, 2018

img Anonymous posted a review

Shepard Smith is a disgrace.  His affected editorial comments are reflected in his sinking ship ratings.  He is neither clever or pertinent, simply annoying.  He must have "juice", notice how the correspondents have a completely different tone when on his show as opposed to other reliable Fox News offerings.  Along with countless others we block Fox News between 1pm - 3pm CST. and search for facts on internet sites.  He comes across as a smart-ass and smug with dubious educational qualities.  I sincerely wish someone would push back and in doing so reveal to all his egotism.  He must believe his press clippings.  When we have another Katrina, we all pray that he will not return to New Orleans.  What a DRAMA QUEEN!  

on July 12, 2018

img Anonymous posted a review

I feel like I am watching CNN when I see Shepard Smith  show.  He should be sent there  to be with others of his type 

on June 8, 2018

img Anonymous posted a review

I am not happy with Shepard Smith reporting.  I find his reporting very negative in alot

of aspects.   I quit watching and am happy to watch Bret Baier and Hannity.

Sorry Shep, consider your bluster and remarks.

on August 24, 2017
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Shepard Smith Reporting (TV show)

Shepard's updates on the caravan
Book rating: 22 out of 100 with 5 ratings