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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

"Amp sucks for interactive dynamic sites. If your s..."



by 2 Jurors

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) Project is an open source initiative that came out of discussions between publishers and technology companies about the need to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone -- publishers, consumer platforms, creators, and users.

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img Anonymous posted a review

Yeah, don't get me wrong - it's great. It just isn't great for reddit (for me (when I want to comment)). I have no qualms about AMP in general. I just wish I could set it not to be used for reddit results, so that when I do what I would usually do, and search Google for a thread on reddit, then I will be able to do what I've always done and just login and comment or whatever if I decide I want to.

Right now, the flow goes something like this:

Want to find something on reddit.
Search google for that thing (+)

Find what I'm looking for in the results

Go to reddit and arrive on the AMP page

Want to comment on the submission

Copy the URL, cut out the AMP stuff, and paste it in a new tab.

Login and do whatever I was going to do.

So much added labor to the flow that is absolutely unnecessary.

on June 24, 2017

img Alfred Evans posted a review

I know the intention behind Google AMP, but personally I hate it. Sometimes when I click on a link, it's taking me to the default terrible android browser when I'm using Chrome. Sometimes the link opens inside that AMP header instead of taking me to the website. I can already imagine how terrible it is for the SEO and the traffic of those webpages.

on April 21, 2017
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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Amp sucks for interactive dynamic sites. If your site has any interactive elements please stay away cos they won't work
Book rating: 35.5 out of 100 with 2 ratings