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Max Stern (composer)

"Intriguing and thought-provoking music"



by 5 Jurors

Max Stern (Hebrew: מקס שטרן‎; born March 31, 1947 in Valley Stream, New York, Israel since 1976) is a composer, critic, double-bassist, conductor and educator.
He has created a rich genre of biblical compositions blending East and West in contemporary and traditional genres.

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img Anonymous posted a review

"Your music is intriguing and thought-provoking." Chelsea Lake Music Director, WAUS 90.7 FM

on August 31, 2018

img Anonymous posted a review

Moving to more contemporary sounds and rhythms ‘Quartet from The East’ used improvisational techniques in part as the four musicians felt the music as one unit…Dissonances both resolved and sustained in an emotional wave ebbing and flowing through the three movements. The extraordinary team of Victor Cayes on piano, Klaudia Szalachta on violin , Dannie Cho on clarinet and Hyundai Ji Kwon on cello provided the talent needed to deliver this magical piece to the audience.

Melodic Inspiration in the Blizzard: A Critique of Max Stern’s “Inspiration in the Desert” By Judy Kaff and Bobby Kaff

on March 29, 2018

img Anonymous posted a review

Dear Mr.Stern.This is the most beautiful work of art I ever heard.Truly the ones who praise GOD are the great.Thank you Mr. Stern. Elis Wronka

on August 5, 2016

img Anonymous posted a review

Dear Max!

From everywhere we get enthusiastic reactions to your piece, the „Prayer“ at the concerts where we usually play it as an encore, as well as from the YouTube. It is so beautiful and Rebecca says: This piece is Perfection from the first to the last note and it is gorgeous and she does not want to change anything!

 All the best and thank you very much,

Friedrich Edelmann, bassonist & Rebecca Rust, cellist (Gauting, Germany) 2013

on December 27, 2015

Anonymous Why only 50/100?

Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin @Anonymous they probably forgot to move the slider.


img Anonymous posted a review

'Max Stern is in my opinion a thorough master of composition, as well as a teacher of the subject. His knowledge of all styles and historical ramifications involved is absolutely thorough. He is a brilliant lecturer in indicating the various points involved and their interlocking and contrasting techniques and the like. ' Arthur Cohn, Director of Serious Music, Carl Fischer and critic for Musical Courier and the American Record Guide

  'Max Stern is one of Israel’s most soulful composers. His works are beautifully crafted and expressive.' Uri Mayer, music director and conductor

I have managed to listen to [Perek Shirah]. Its charm is beyond description…Joel Suben, composer-conductor, founder of Save the Music

on August 18, 2015

Anonymous Any video linking to his works?

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Max Stern (composer)

Intriguing and thought-provoking music
Book rating: 86 out of 100 with 5 ratings