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Rex Tillerson

"The Senate has confirmed Rex Tillerson for Secreta..."



by 6 Jurors

Rex Wayne Tillerson (born March 23, 1952) is an American engineer and a businessman. Tillerson is the chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Exxon Mobil Corporation, the world's sixth largest company by revenue.

Tillerson was the national president of the Boy Scouts of America from 2010 to 2012.

On December 13, 2016, President-elect Donald Trump announced that Tillerson would be his nominee for Secretary of State.

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img Ahmed Malik posted a review

I would have voted against him until he proved to me he has a bathroom server with enough capability to manage our complex world's classified information

on February 3, 2017

img Luke Martinez posted a review

When you ask globalist businessmen to be the governors of the United States you are going to get large gaffs like this. Tillerson is a globalist billionaire, borders never meant a thing to a guy like him. Diplomacy to him used to be "you have oil, we have money, do you want money, because we want oil"? Diplomacy between two nuclear powers is a little more difficult than your standard Exxon business deal. Hopefully these guys don't have that "I know everything" attitude that Trump has and are actually reaching out to people to better understand this kind of stuff. Sounds like Trumps cabinet members don't even talk to each other, because they contradict each other almost daily. Once you ask them to explain their contradictions they throw a hissy fit and complain about people twisting their words and fake news.

on January 15, 2017

img Anonymous posted a review

What Tillerson said about South China Sea is so crazy that I don't even think the Pentagon would back Trump. These man-made islands are now all occupied by civilians. To block access, that means the US forces will need to invade the islands and evade the occupants. That is by any definition an invasion and an act of war against China. China will not stand idly by as the USA invades what it considers sovereign territories. This is how you spark WW3. 

on January 15, 2017

img Lucas Lynch posted a review

Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump’s pick to serve as secretary of state, said on Wednesday that he did not believe the United States should implement a blanket ban against Muslims.

“I think what’s important [is] that we are able to make a judgment about the people that are coming into the country and so I do not support a blanket-type rejection of any particular group of people,” the former Exxon Mobil CEO said during his confirmation hearing.

“Clearly, we have serious challenges to be able to vet people coming into the country,” Tillerson continued, citing global instability, migration and the fact that many refugees do not have documents. “I don’t think we can just close our eyes and ignore that. We have to be very clear-eyed about recognizing that threat and developing a means to deal with it.”

Still, when Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) asked Tillerson if he supported creating a national registry of Muslims in the U.S., he said he needed more information.

“I would need to have a lot more information around how such an approach would even be constructed, and if it were a tool for vetting, then it probably extends to other people as well, other groups that are threats to the U.S.,” he said. 

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), Trump’s pick for attorney general, has also expressed opposition to a Muslim ban. He said on Tuesday that such a policy “would raise serious constitutional problems,” and that he would oppose a blanket ban on Muslims (but not a ban on people from Muslim-majority nations).

John Kelly, Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security, said he did not support registering people based on “[ethnicity] or religion” and wouldn’t implement a registry “unless there was some really compelling reason.”

Trump’s own proposals have shifted since his presidential campaign began. In December 2015, he proposed an unequivocal blanket ban on all Muslims entering the United States, but later claimed he only wanted to focus on Muslims coming from countries that had been hostile to the United States.
Some of Trump’s aides support implementing a Muslim registry, and his top advisers have declined to rule it out.

Colin Powell, who served as secretary of state under President George W. Bush, spoke out against a Muslim registry that was implemented at the time, acknowledging that it made it difficult for people who wanted to visit the U.S.

on January 13, 2017

img Anonymous posted a review

Rex Tillerson, the businessman nominated by Donald Trump to be the next US secretary of state, is the long-time director of a US-Russian oil firm based in the tax haven of the Bahamas, leaked documents show.

Tillerson – the chief executive of ExxonMobil – has been a director of the oil company’s Russian subsidiary, Exxon Neftegas, since 1998. His name – RW Tillerson – appears next to other officers who are based at Houston, Texas; Moscow; and Sakhalin, in Russia’s far east.

The leaked 2001 document comes from the corporate registry in the Bahamas. It was one of 1.3m files given to the Germany newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung by an anonymous source. The registry is public but details of individual directors are typically incomplete or missing entirely.

Though there is nothing untoward about this directorship, it has not been reported before and is likely to raise fresh questions over Tillerson’s relationship with Russia ahead of a potentially stormy confirmation hearing by the US senate foreign relations committee.

ExxonMobil’s use of offshore regimes – while legal – may also jar with Trump’s avowal to put “America first”.

Tillerson’s critics say he is too close to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and that his appointment could raise potential conflicts of interest.

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest oil company and has for a long time been eyeing Russia’s vast oil and gas deposits. Tillerson currently has Exxon stock worth more than $200m.

Since his nomination, Tillerson’s Russia ties have become a source of bipartisan concern. In 2013, Putin awarded him the Russian Order of Friendship. Tillerson is close to Igor Sechin, the head of Russian state oil company Rosneft and the de facto second most powerful figure inside the Kremlin. A hardliner, Sechin is ex-KGB.

Tillerson’s award followed a 2011 deal between ExxonMobil and Rosneft to explore the Kara Sea, in Russia’s Arctic.

It was put on hold in 2014 after the Obama administration imposed wide-ranging sanctions against Russia. The sanctions were punishment for Putin’s Crimea annexation that spring and Russia’s undercover invasion of eastern Ukraine.

The ban covers the US sharing of sophisticated offshore and shale oil technology. Exxon was supposed to halt its drilling with Rosneft. The firm successfully pleaded with the US Treasury department to delay the ban by a few weeks, with the Kremlin threatening to seize its rig. In this brief window Exxon discovered a major Arctic field with some 750m barrels of new oil.

Tillerson has criticised the US government’s policy on Russia. In 2014 he told Exxon’s annual meeting that “we do not support sanctions”. He added: “We always encourage the people who are making those decisions to consider the very broad collateral damage of who they are really harming.”

It is widely assumed by investors that the new Trump administration will drop sanctions. This would allow the Kara joint venture to resume, boosting Exxon’s share price and yielding potential profits in the tens of billions of dollars. According to company records, Tillerson currently owns $218m of stock. His Exxon pension is worth about $70m.

on December 19, 2016

img Alfred Evans posted a review

Rex Tillerson said:

"Climate change is happening, and we need to get off fossil fuels. We need alternative fuels, but wind and solar aren't good enough to take all the load yet. Our #1 priority should be nuclear. But if we can't get the political will to invest in nuclear, we're stuck with oil for a while."

on December 14, 2016
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Rex Tillerson

The Senate has confirmed Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State in a mostly party line vote, 56-43
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