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Baidu Cloud

"I am using the baidu cloud by python tool via comm..."



by 2 Jurors

Baidu Cloud is a comprehensive Cloud service provides by Baidu, Inc., headquartered in Haidian District in Beijing. It offers cloud storage service, client softwares, file managements, resources sharings, and Third Party Integration. After being created on one client terminal, the file can be synchronized automatically on other client terminals given that the Internet access exists. It was launched as Baidu WangPan on Mar. 23 2012, and upgraded as Baidu Cloud on Sep 3 2012. On Aug. 22 2013, it announces its offer of permanent free 2 Terabytes storage for users.

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img Ng Man posted a review

bypy is awesome, a uploader rockstar. 

No matter you use a Linux, OS X or Windows, all you can do is just one line command to upload 

massive content to the cloud. 

It implemented beautifully. 


on March 23, 2017

img Arse Perin posted a review

Except Tencent. Baidu Cloud blows Dropbox, Onedrive, Amazon, Google Drive out of the water by offering a permanent 2 TB of storage, making Dropbox, the most popular online storage service which offers only a measly 2GB free storage, pales in comparison.

on June 29, 2014
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Baidu Cloud

I am using the baidu cloud by python tool via command line bypy
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