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House of Cards (TV series)

"It's time the House of Cards fell apart"



by 36 Jurors

House of Cards is an American political drama television series developed and produced by Beau Willimon. It is an adaptation of a previous BBC miniseries of the same name, which starred Ian Richardson as M.P. and Chief Whip of the Conservative Party Francis Urqhart (continuing in To Play the King and The Final Cut), and is based on the novel by Michael Dobbs.

The entire first season, 13 episodes, premiered on February 1, 2013, on the streaming service Netflix. A second season of 13 episodes has been completed and premiered on February 14, 2014. On February 4, 2014, ten days prior to the first available streaming release of the second season, Netflix announced that the show had been renewed for a third season.

Set in present-day Washington, D.C., House of Cards is the story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a Democrat from South Carolina's 5th Congressional District and House Majority Whip who, after getting passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, decides to exact his revenge on those who betrayed him. The series also stars Robin Wright, Kate Mara, and Corey Stoll in lead roles.

On July 18, 2013, Netflix earned the first Primetime Emmy Award nominations for original online-only web television. House of Cards received nine of Netflix's fourteen total nominations. Among its nine nominations were Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Kevin Spacey, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Robin Wright, and Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for David Fincher. The show also earned 4 Golden Globe Award nominations on December 12, 2013, earning the first major acting award for an online-only web television series when Wright won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama. [1]

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img Anonymous posted a review

Have we entered endgame yet? Or are the showrunners too busy counting money? Anyway, this show was good in the first season, and then became more and more unrealistic and terrible in each subsequent seasons.

1 week ago

img Johnny Isiah posted a review

When real life politics is more bizzare than a TV show, that's when you realize something's wrong. If someone like Trump gets elected on a TV show, people would for sure complain that it's impossible and unrealistic.

Anyway, imo HoC has lost a bit of its wow factor thanks to the 2016 election.

on June 1, 2017

img Mulciq Hocke submitted a post

House of Cards returns May 30 on Netflix. Can't wait!

on January 21, 2017

img Yuri Michael posted a review

The characters were well-developed, but if I wanted to watch a power hungry white dude exploit people I could just go outside and watch it in real life

on September 18, 2016

Ng Man Same here


img Anonymous posted a review

This series has become so cringeworthy. Putin was mocked in every episode that features Petrov. He's so weak and useless Putin must wanna kill himself when he sees this. It's one thing to have a sociopath in the White House but to throw in Lady Macbeth in a power struggle that defies political logic has dimmed the shows power. 

I used to be blown away by the way The Underwoods manipulate people, but now he's getting less tactful. I feel like the showrunners have run out of ideas.

on April 3, 2016

img Anonymous posted a review

This show is still entertaining in the sense that a soap opera can be entertaining. It's no longer the top-notch drama that it once was. It's no better than Nashville or NCIS. I enjoy those shows but they still make me roll my eyes in about equal measure to House of Cards.

on March 15, 2016

img Craig Fitzgerald posted a review

I don't get it. Viewers seem to like Season 4 a lot more than Season 3. Personally, Season 3 has been the best for me as I love diplomacy. On the other hand, most of season 4 is too uneventual save for a couple of overly dramatic incidents.

Take for example, the tension between Claire and Frank. It's not the first time they have some sort of fallout. She ran away with that artist before in season one, and came back on her own. This time she did a lil more hurting but the two basically reconciled after Francis was shot, again as others mentioned, a plot device to move forward. We wasted like 5 episodes (not to mention the finale of last season) on that plotline that led back to where we were left off in season 3.

So much of the season was wasted on meaningless irrelevant bullshit. To an extent, even Francis' assasination served little purpose. You could literally have skipped every scene with Claire's mom and not missed anything. You can skip all the Doug conscience stuff and not miss anything. The oil crisis was pointless and makes no sense. Everybody knows Russia cannot control oil price. It's why Russia is so fucked in real life when oil price is at an all-time low.

And the most ridiculous thing is getting Claire, his wife, to be VP. I guess they're paving the way for Claire being the President for when Francis is impeached, resigns or assasinated?

Even the Conway and Google thing is pointless and leads nowhere. What a waste of time.

on March 12, 2016

img Robocap 143 posted a review

What happened with season 4 is what usually happens with shows when showrunners understand it will sell no matter what. They become less creative and less faithful to fact-checking and reality grounding. For a show like House of Cards, a disconnection with reality is a fatal mistake.

I expected this season will at least wrap up the election. It ends pretty much on the same spot where season 3 left off - before the elections. I totally didn't expect the "truth" about Frank to come out so soon so there's that.

on March 9, 2016

img Jeffrey Graham posted a review

A quote from Vox really hits home what I feel about House of Cards' season 4.

House of Cards seems to have given up on being meaningful or thoughtful, tossing a bunch of ideas at the wall and then waiting see if any of them stick. A few of them do, and the series follows them to whatever ends it can find. But for the most part, season four is just a collection of incidents, of things that happen.

Indeed, there are too many things happening in this season that don't matter in the long run. From assassination attempt to Russia to ISIS and ultimately the election. I would never have thought the election would continue past season 4. Surely the show creator would take the real life election as an opportunity to boost viewership? Honestly speaking, I have had enough of election in real life much less in a TV show.

And as the show enters its final season (season 5 next year), the House of Cards is finally about to crumble. I cannot think of a way Frank Underwood can get away with this, unless the creators decide to pull off something even more ridiculous than what was shown in Season 4.

House of Cards has never really made sense politically. It seems to take place in a world where the 1950s never ended, the Democrats and the Republicans don't have rigid ideologies so much as general guidelines, and everybody acts as if the theater of politics is literally all that matters.

The most absurd moment is not that the DNC warmed up to the idea of nominating a First Lady as Vice President, it's the idea that the couple could so easily manipulated people into accepting this crazy notion. It's beyond nonsense! Can you imagine if the Democrats nominated Michelle Obama as the VP, no matter how popular she might be?

on March 9, 2016

img Anonymous posted a review

Even if it's true, I don't want to see it. I don't want to hear it. I refuse to believe our country is in the hands of these despicable, immoral people. It's a vivid reminder of what an immoral dirty place we are living in.

on March 9, 2016

Jeffrey Graham It's not true lol. It's a failed attempt at conspiracy theory and poor drama overall.

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House of Cards (TV series)

It's time the House of Cards fell apart
Book rating: 71.4 out of 100 with 36 ratings