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"This whole diversity thing is going way too far"



by 21 Jurors

Yahoo! Inc. is an American multinational Internet corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It is globally known for its Web portal, search engine Yahoo Search, and related services, including Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers, advertising, online mapping, video sharing, fantasy sports and its social media website. It is one of the most popular sites in the United States. According to news sources, roughly 700 million people visit Yahoo websites every month. Yahoo itself claims it attracts "more than half a billion consumers every month in more than 30 languages."
Yahoo was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and was incorporated on March 1, 1995. On July 16, 2012, former Google executive Marissa Mayer was named as Yahoo CEO and President, effective July 17, 2012.
According to comScore, Yahoo during July 2013 surpassed Google on the number of United States visitors to its Web sites for the first time since May 2011, set at 196 million United States visitors, having increased by 21 percent in a year. [1]

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img Ahmed Malik posted a review

They are going to need a........ bigger ship.

on January 11, 2017

img Yosh Welt posted a review

A new breach revealed by Yahoo compromises twice as many user accounts as the record hack it disclosed in September.

It seems Yahoo has outdone itself.

The company said Wednesday that it was hit by yet another hacking attack, this time affecting more than 1 billion user accounts. That's double the number affected by a hack revealed in September.

The hack occurred in August 2013. Stolen data included users' names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords. Those passwords are scrambled up with an encryption tool called MD5, which experts say is possible to crack with some patience. The data also included some security questions and answers, some of which weren't encrypted.

"Yahoo is notifying potentially affected users and has taken steps to secure their accounts, including requiring users to change their passwords," the company said in a statement. "Yahoo has also invalidated unencrypted security questions and answers so that they cannot be used to access an account."

Among the victims are more than 150,000 US government and military employees, presenting a threat to national security, according to a Bloomberg report. The accounts belong to current and former White House staff, congressmen and their aides, FBI agents, officials at the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and each branch of the US military.

The breach is another black eye for Chief Executive Marissa Mayer, who joined Yahoo in 2012 amid great fanfare. The former Google executive was charged with turning Yahoo around and tried to bring the lumbering company into the smartphone era. She made big bets on mobile, refreshing all of the company's mobile apps, but Yahoo hasn't been able to make much money off her projects.

The announcement caps off a rough few months for the troubled tech giant and leaves another blemish on a company seeking to sell itself to Verizon. When Yahoo announced a separate data breach in September, in which hackers in 2014 swiped user information from half a billion accounts, it was said to be the biggest cybersecurity breach ever.

Two weeks later, the company again came under fire after a report said Yahoo built tools to surveil customers' emails for US intelligence officials.

All the while, Yahoo has been awaiting its fate with Verizon, which agreed to buy the company for $4.8 billion in July. The deal is set to close in the first quarter of next year, but Yahoo's disclosure of the previous hack had given Verizon executives pause about the deal.

"We are confident in Yahoo's value and we continue to work toward integration with Verizon," a Yahoo spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Verizon issued a statement that didn't say whether the news of the hack would have an impact on the acquisition. "As we've said all along, we will evaluate the situation as Yahoo continues its investigation," Verizon's statement read. "We will review the impact of this new development before reaching any final conclusions."

Sumit Argawal, co-founder and vice president of product at cybersecurity company Shape Security, said the increasingly damaging hacks that Yahoo has announced fit a clear pattern in companies that don't have their security locked down. Often, he said, companies and organizations start by describing their cybersecurity woes in small terms but keep adding new casualties to the list.

"When entities have mediocre security hygiene, they inevitably end up having lost the keys to a much larger kingdom than we originally thought," Argawal said.

The personal information hackers stole could be used in combination with other hacked data, he added. If a criminal already has a credit card number, he might be able to use the stolen Yahoo data to find the answers to security questions that go along with it, for example.

Yahoo said in its statement that it believes the hacking may be related to the same state-sponsored hacking group it suspects is responsible for the 2014 hack. To Dmitri Sirota, CEO of data protection company BigID, that's a sign that high profile individuals with Yahoo accounts might have been the real target of the hack.

"The reality is within that billion users, there's probably a couple politicians, a few celebrities, a few people in key industries," Sirota said.

on December 15, 2016

Technology is a subsite that talks about cutting edge technology.

img Jhon Eguna posted a review

Proof is that even though we ca have some knowledge benefits from yahoo , i suggest to use google because , once i was using yahoo. No doubt it was good. But not always. Yahoo is not having special features as google and google has facilities of apps like finance, work, maps, play store, blogger, keyboard, search engine, gmail, news and weather , translate, voice, calendar, camera, hangouts, , earth, drive, youtube, inbox, spell check..... And many more. Thus this proves that google is better than yahoo.

on October 13, 2016

Rudd.M Horry Not even close!

eljean gamolo Removed

eljean gamolo I think google is more efficient than yahoo.


Technology is a subsite that talks about cutting edge technology.

img Jeffrey Graham posted a review

Yahoo on Thursday revealed a massive data breach of its services. Yahoo "has confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from the company's network in late 2014 by what it believes is a state-sponsored actor," the company posted on its investor relations page.

The stolen data include names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays, hashed passwords, and some "encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers." Yahoo says it believes no payment card or bank account information was stolen.

Yahoo said it believes that at least 500 million user account credentials were stolen, which would make it the biggest breach of all time — bigger than the Myspace breach of 360 million user accounts and 427 million passwords.

The breach has turned out to be larger than the 200 million accounts previously expected.

Recode's Kara Swisher reported on Thursday that the breach could have implications for the $4.8 billion sale of Yahoo to Verizon, and that some shareholders may fear that it could change the price of the transaction. Yahoo says there is no evidence that the hacker still has access to Yahoo's network or internal services. 

Here's the entire message from Yahoo:

"A recent investigation by Yahoo! Inc. has confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from the company's network in late 2014 by what it believes is a state-sponsored actor. The account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords (the vast majority with bcrypt) and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers. The ongoing investigation suggests that stolen information did not include unprotected passwords, payment card data, or bank account information; payment card data and bank account information are not stored in the system that the investigation has found to be affected. Based on the ongoing investigation, Yahoo believes that information associated with at least 500 million user accounts was stolen and the investigation has found no evidence that the state-sponsored actor is currently in Yahoo's network. Yahoo is working closely with law enforcement on this matter.

"Yahoo is notifying potentially affected users and has taken steps to secure their accounts. These steps include invalidating unencrypted security questions and answers so that they cannot be used to access an account and asking potentially affected users to change their passwords. Yahoo is also recommending that users who haven't changed their passwords since 2014 do so.

"Yahoo encourages users to review their online accounts for suspicious activity and to change their password and security questions and answers for any other accounts on which they use the same or similar information used for their Yahoo account. The company further recommends that users avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails and that they be cautious of unsolicited communications that ask for personal information. Additionally, Yahoo asks users to consider using Yahoo Account Key, a simple authentication tool that eliminates the need to use a password altogether.

"Online intrusions and thefts by state-sponsored actors have become increasingly common across the technology industry. Yahoo and other companies have launched programs to detect and notify users when a company strongly suspects that a state-sponsored actor has targeted an account. Since the inception of Yahoo's program in December 2015, independent of the recent investigation, approximately 10,000 users have received such a notice.

on September 23, 2016

img Kavler Cole posted a review

Yahoo is shutting down a number of its content verticals, Yahoo global editor in chief Martha Nelson confirmed on Wednesday.

"On our recent earnings call, Yahoo outlined out a plan to simplify our business and focus our effort on our four most successful content areas  – News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle. To that end, today we will begin phasing out the following Digital Magazines:  Yahoo Food, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Parenting, Yahoo Makers, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Autos and Yahoo Real Estate," Nelson wrote.

In addition, a source familiar with the matter said that Yahoo was ending its tech vertical and moving some of its staff — including former New York Times columnist David Pogue — to Yahoo's news vertical. Eater first reported that the food vertical was being shut down and Skift first reported that the travel vertical was being shut down. Re/code also reports that the beauty vertical is being axed. In addition, Silicon Beat reports that Yahoo chief scientist Ron Brachman and V.P. of research Ricardo Baeza-Yates are leaving the company.

As part of the changes, Yahoo Tech editor in chief Dan Tynan is being laid off. Tynan, who joined Yahoo Tech as a columnist in December 2013 and became editor in chief of the vertical in July 2015, announced his departure in a farewell memo to staff.

on February 18, 2016

img Winnie Kirsch posted a review

Yahoo can't seem to generate hype no matter what they do. Their leadership lacks ambitions or vision. They don't know where to take this company further. With Yahoo's immense resources, they could have been great.

on January 6, 2016

img Anonymous posted a review

Yahoo! kinda fails at everything. They had the potential to be Google, yet due to poor management, they never aspire to get better.

on July 16, 2015

Tech Mod who can be blame?

Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin They are better than Google at providing services.

Winnie Kirsch @Jesse "Billybobjoe" Radin: Example?


img Anonymous posted a review

Yahoo got lucky for getting the 15% off Alibaba early, which now accounts for most of their market cap. Yahoo's core business isn't really generating a lot of profits anymore, as are many of Yahoo's acquisition. This is one poorly run business. They've gone from being a search engine to content provider. One hell of a downgrade.

on July 22, 2015

Prometheus Folus I wonder when Yahoo got the Alibaba shares.

Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin They are a good content provider.


img Joel Rice posted a review

Yahoo seems to be doing everything wrong. It's gone from a competitor of Google into a non-factor in Silicon Valley. Every startup that was acquired by Yahoo! all ended up failing. Yahoo can be summed up in just one word: Sucks.

on February 19, 2014

Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin Blame ATT for leeching off them.

Tech Mod Yahoo UI is quite good. I would give Yahoo! 70/100

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This whole diversity thing is going way too far
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