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By Zainab Zaidi on May 20, 2017

Humanist | Iconoclast | I like chai, dad jokes, Walt Whitman, and punk rock | "pseudo-liberal"

The first event in Beirut Pride week was cancelled after the hosting venue received threats from a religious group, organisers said on Monday.

Bertho Makso, the director of the "Proud Lebanon" group which was organising the party, told MEE that a Salafist group had called on authorities to prevent the Sunday event - and then issued a second statement directly threatening the venue.

“On Saturday morning we started getting information that some of the radical groups were not happy,” said Makso, naming the Council of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon.

Later that day, Makso said, the hotel venue called to say that Lebanese authorities said it would be better if the event no longer went ahead, due to "serious security threats".

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